Dude, Lame

by Light The Way

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Rhez Not much to say, really. If you have anything that even slightly resembles an affinity for pop punk, I can see literally nothing that would keep you from greatly enjoying this E.P.
Great follow-up to their last one! Favorite track: Dead Head.
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released April 14, 2017

Andrew Carlin - Vocals & Guitar
Christian Appel - Drums
Evan Sides - Bass
Christian Moore - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Vocals & Poem in "Voices" written & performed by Matthew Carlin
Keys on "Voices" by Andrew Carlin

Tracks 1,2,3 & 5 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Robert Swanson @ Mayhemness Studios in Sacramento CA.

Tracks 4 & 6 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Corey Reynolds @ Tetelestai Studios in Wiemar CA



all rights reserved


Light The Way Rocklin, California

Golden State Pop-Punk, sucka.


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Track Name: So Stoked
dude this is lame
luck's running out
the deck is stacked
I'm bumming out
how could this day get any worse?
pressure in my head is gonna burst
on circumstance I get caught up
can't find the diamond in the rough
comatose - I'm paralyzed
I bit the fruit
fell for the lie

when everything and everyone
leaves me feeling bummed
You lift my head
revive - restart
the drive in my brain
the fire in my heart
life's rough - I get it
but shut down and regret it
I'm so spend, but I'm not broke
this gloom grips me
but it's not my home

I made my bed
now I lie in it
no point to complain
it is what it is
it's only natural to focus on ourselves
and we wonder why we're so miserable
we seem to tend our own health
we need to take the focus off our selves
Track Name: Stag Line
stomach a-fluttering
heart sputtering
what did you mean when you sent that last text?
brain-chems a-pumping
I'm not loving
these highs and lows
they leave me with nothing
faster heart rate
tense up - eyes dilate
am I having a heart attack?
if I passed out now
I'd be okay with that
okay with that

what's wrong with me?
don't wanna be showing up stag forever
perfect hindsight
can't get it right
another fruitless endeavor
that awkward moment when people start asking
where my special someone is
I'm like, "I don't know, man
I missed the game plan
all I know is it will happen when it happens"

by myself I lie
me, myself and I
try to convince myself that I'm not a loser
think I don't need them
prefer my freedom
but science says that single guys die sooner
time slips away
that's what it feels like anyway
am I having a panic attack?
if I passed out now I'd be okay with that
okay with that

a wise person once told me
Andrew, you're heading straight for tragedy
you see, life's not about getting the girl, man
it'll leave you broken if you let it rule your world
and don't think for a second
that your life is the rules' exception
seek God
play to your strengths
work hard
stay humble
and you'll be in the right place
Track Name: Voices
I’ve been in the desert for years now,

my name hanging heavy
from my neck, all I want is a future
where I’m not sifting through the sand for hints
of glass, pieces of a self I want to become.

If the best of me is a handful of days
I haven’t lived yet, make each day
into a room where I can sleep soundly,
let me pass from room to room
and throw all the windows open.

In this echo chamber, I throw my voice
until it sounds bigger than what I fear
becoming, until it is all I can become,
and still it isn’t enough—please, cut my name
from my neck, move the letters around
until I have a new name, make my voice
bigger than it is, make me more than

all of this
Track Name: Dead Head
okay this might sound weird
but roll with me on this:
I believe in God but I'm not here
to judge or dismiss
I love you even if you don't
believe in what I do
'cause I'm called to
put my needs behind you
I'm not here to prove you wrong
but I know I'm right

I know you don't get it
no belief - reject it
discussed and scoffed
just write it off
but I still respect you
even if you don't live life
the way I do
I know to you
I must seem like a dead head
a dead head

not that bent on politics
right or left I don't fit in
so render Ceasar what is his
and keep the change
ya' filthy animal
help the widow
clothe the poor
put down your fists
what are you fighting for?
defending what God never said
breed arrogant entitlement
I'm not here to prove you wrong
but I know I'm right

I'm okay with the fact that
I'm not right about everything
don't wanna bicker
don't wanna argue
we think differently
but that doesn't mean
I treat you any different
show you respect
though I don't agree
I've got your back and I know you have mine
you're still cool with me
Track Name: Note to Self (Acoustic)
you've been cold
you've been heartless
you've broken your promise
underhanded, disenchanted
and less than forward
but don't get to down on yourself
you know it's not good for your health
you can't change who you've been
you can just move forward
you know it
i know it
so lets not

swallow your pride
you're not as cool as you thought you were
It's God's grace you're alive
and don't forget it, never forget it
be the change that you want to see
rearrange your priorities
take heart & don't dwell on what might be
keep your head up and never stop fighting

you blew it
you screwed this up
let's be real
and move on
you need to press on with
the gift you've been given
you can't change who you've been
you can just move forward
you know it
i know it
so let's not pretend