by Light The Way

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escapedbydegree Excellent riffs - melody and rhythm Favorite track: Note to Self.
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Rhez Wow,It's been a long time since I've heard such a solid debut release from any kind of band, let alone a pop-punk band! So refreshing. Give these guys a spin, they're so worth it. Favorite track: I'm Sorry.
Luke Kegley
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Luke Kegley A brilliantly made pop-punk release that takes you back to your early "skater" days I suppose with a nostalgic melodic angsty vibe that I simply love! Can't wait to hear more from these guys! Favorite track: Note to Self.
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released November 28, 2016

Andrew Carlin - Vocals/Guitars
Evan Sides - Bass
Christian Appel - Drums

Corey Reynolds played guitar on "BRKN."

Tracks 1-4 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Bob @ Mayhemness Studios in Sacramento CA.

Track 5 Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Corey @ Tetelestai Studios



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Light The Way Rocklin, California

Golden State Pop-Punk, sucka.

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Track Name: Note to Self
you've been cold
you've been heartless
you've broken your promise
underhanded, disenchanted
and less than forward
but don't get to down on yourself
you know it's not good for your health
you can't change who you've been
you can just move forward
you know it
i know it
so lets not

swallow your pride
you're not as cool as you thought you were
It's God's grace you're alive
and don't forget it, never forget it
be the change that you want to see
rearrange your priorities
take heart & don't dwell on what might be
keep your head up and never stop fighting

you blew it
you screwed this up
let's be real
and move on
you need to press on with
the gift you've been given
you can't change who you've been
you can just move forward
you know it
i know it
so let's not pretend
Track Name: Black Waves
i'm bummed again
i can't find my way out
i can't stay here
I can't stay here
life get's rough
and i know it's hard to cope
we gotta hang strong
we gotta move on
heavy hearts
turn towards hate
lost and broken
this world's a dark place
we get Bogged down
no foresight
avoid the great light

darkness around me
i'm in it I'm not of it
sailing on black waves
oh captain, my captain
set my heart on fire
strike a match watch me burn
and we'll light the way

I can only control how I react
they're watching
they're always watching
my head and heart
always in combat
i close my eyes
but i can't sleep
i found a purpose
and then I lost it
accept the darkness
as a constant
my faith in you
burning bright
in the night
Track Name: BRKN
i'm not a good man, man
mediocre at best
sometimes i trick myself
into believing i'm basically
a good person
'cause it's all I have left
but the truth is i'm brkn
and i can never live up
to the standards set
i fail every time
falling deeper in debt
and i wanna give up
'cause I've got nothing left
because the truth is I'm brkn

but you meet me here in the dark ...

your grace even reaches me
in my sick, in my darkness
I don't deserve this peace
you give so freely
wage war against my own flesh
fight until my last breath
rise up every time I'm beaten down
stay humble, thick and thin
forgive as i'm forgiven
i'm brkn but i'm being made new

forgive me
i've turned my back
i've run the other way
to come to terms
with the error in my brain
i'm the prodigal son
i'm returning home
with my head hanging in shame
i don't get it
i don't get it
How you take back this hypocrite
i'm brkn
i'm brkn
but i'm being made brand new
Track Name: I'm Sorry
Our pride gets in the way
we can't find the right words to say
we get bent over stuff that
doesn't matter anyway
we get distracted
losing our heads
at the drop of a dime
we lose our focus
don't even notice
what's important
most of the time

But i want you to know ...

I'm sorry
i'm sorry
I don't know how we found
our way down here
The church has dropped the ball
but don't let that cause you to miss out
God's love is for you now
it's not in the suits, the rules or vows
Come the way you are
and don't let them tear you down

they're too blind
to see hypocrisy
they're words tear down
they're pharisees
without love
it's all so meaningless
The message:
it couldn't be more simple
abandon pride
lose the ego
i'm saved by grace
because the truth is
i'm not better than you
i'm a sinner too
and I'm swallowing all of my pride
abandon my course
dismount my high horse
only to myself have i died
Track Name: Scatterbrained
i broke down
anxiety is gonna get the best of me
my thoughts are scatter-brained
ideas all over the place
and I know
get it together
positive vibes can weather any weather
i know
i've heard it before
but my brain wont shut off 'til it's sure
the doc's got pills for me
to curb anxiety
but i'm not taking
it's all in my head

i'm not sad
i'm not sad
i'm learning to be
content with where I am
with where I am
let tomorrow stress itself out
maybe this chapter's a bummer
but my story's not done, sir
step back when it's clearer
you're missing the big picture
i'm not sad
i'm not sad
the person i'll be
needs who i am

i broke down
getting so worked up
on circumstances
and all the chances
i never took
this is the sensible life
is it enough?
Or should i roll the dice?
i don't know
it keeps me up at night
the depressing thought
of a wasted life
i don't know
faith never felt so blind
maybe it'd be clearer
if i didn't hide